Co-founder of SyncSketch, Bernhard Haux, was recently invited to join Andrew Schlussel, Director of Global Talent Development at Framestore London, for an insightful webinar, presenting the SyncSketch platform and how it helps facilitate collaboration for teams working with animation and CG. Framestore is one of the world’s leading visual effects studios, working across film, advertising, television, and immersive media.

During the discussion, Bernhard and Andrew discuss how SyncSketch has grown to become one of the most advanced professional review tools available today. Creatives from all over the world have exchanged more than 10 Million visual notes on SyncSketch, working on blockbuster films, triple-A games, and much more. 

After presenting software features, Bernhard was able to answer some of the audience’s live questions. 

It was a pleasure to link up with the Framestore team. You can watch the full encounter below: