SyncSketch was built by creators for creators, so we personally understand the importance of securing your work through every stage of the creative process. We’re committed to upholding the highest level of security standards, from the in-house training of our employees to our continued best practices compliance.

All SyncSketch plans offer industry-leading security, but for the most robust selection of privacy and security settings, look to SyncSketch Enterprise. Here we dive into the features of our top-tier plan.

Protect your Content

Keep your content secure with the ability to add a fully customizable visual watermark to any of your uploaded media files. Our Dynamic User ID Overlay feature allows for additional security by placing user information on any media for screenshot protection. We also offer customizable download permissions per project to restrict who can download assets and ensure the highest level of security by generating unique IP specific signed URLs for each user. In addition, you can take full control over the lifespan of your content with our built-in data lifecycle management tool, ensuring content only lives as long as necessary in the cloud by automatically deleting or archiving older files from your workspace. Combined with our trusted cloud infrastructure, these features ensure your highly sensitive content is safe with us.

Host your own data

All of our files are stored on Amazon S3. We offer our Enterprise customers the option to host their own object store (S3) for a clean multi-tenant environment. Customers with a self-hosted S3 bucket have full access to real-time logs for log analysis and threat detection. 

Cloud Security

SyncSketch is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which allows us to leverage their extensive security offerings for ourselves and our customers. In Addition, we have added features like enforced multi-factor authentication (MFA) on the workspace level, custom URL expiration, configurable session timeouts, end-to-end encryption of your assets in transit and at rest, and all the security bells and whistles necessary to keep your intellectual property safe. 


To ensure maximum transparency we deployed an extensive logging infrastructure with a central SIEM server to collect and process everything that is happening on our platform. For peace of mind, we log anything from when specific users access items to state changes and download requests. For accessibility, we leverage the customizability of Logstash which enables us to stream a workspace-specific log stream to any endpoint in plain text or JSON format to ensure easy processing.

User Authentication

We have strict user authentication processes to add a tighter layer of security to your account. SyncSketch supports user authentication through OpenID, Oauth, encrypted Single-Sign On using SAML, and regularly enforces API rotations every 90 days. We also periodically perform external application security and penetration testing by verified independent 3rd party vendors.

Audits & Compliance

SyncSketch follows an MPAA approved Framework and our information security framework aligns with ISO 27001 standards, which have been used to embed security controls and documentation throughout the entire organization. In addition, we also have annual penetration testing with an external application security provider.

Our Commitment

We are committed to keeping your content safe and secure by continually reviewing and updating our security protocols. All new SyncSketch features or updates are subject to rigorous tests – from design and development all the way through to testing and release – to detect any potential risks. The safety of your data is our utmost concern which is why our developers are consistently reviewing all aspects of our security to give you the peace of mind you need to focus on the work.

These additional security features are available to all SyncSketch plans:

  • Customizable session timeouts
  • Shared link expiration and password protection
  • Customized feature set per shared review
  • Extensive Logging of all state changes and media access
  • Geolocation logging
  • Private Workspaces and Sharing
  • Fine-grained user roles (Admins, Managers, Members, Reviewers)
  • Custom Security Setup
  • Encrypted in transit and at rest (AWS-SSE)
  • Secure Identity Access Management

Check out this blog post for more frequently asked questions about SyncSketch security.