Game artists, developers, and innovators – GDC 2022 is here! And we could not be more excited to see you all in person! Since our recent acquisition by Unity, we’ve been busy developing and refining a variety of new features and tools – we can’t wait to share what we’ve been up to.

Introducing the 3D Model Viewer

For game development and art outsourcing, the ability to view and critique any model, environment, or other 3D assets in a complete 360-degree review session is a total game-changer; SyncSketch is a web-based collaboration platform that delivers a real-time creative review environment without compromise. 

Six out of eight of the largest AAA game studios communicate visually with SyncSketch, in real-time and from anywhere, meaning creative collaboration is just a URL away.

With the 3D Model Viewer, teams can review static or animated 3D assets directly in SyncSketch – from shading and textures to UV maps. Easily rotate 3D assets, change the lighting, markup with notes, and share feedback on the spot.

“SyncSketch’s 3D viewer has been a game-changer in how we review animations at Maxis. It has provided the necessary flexibility of exploring and navigating an entire 3D scene, with the added benefit of capturing notes and feedback, all in one intuitive and easy-to-use package. SyncSketch has been open to feedback, is always refining their tools and sharing their improvements with us, making them a great group to work with.”

– Nawwaf Barakat, MAXIS Senior Animation Director

At GDC 2022 you can meet SyncSketch’s co-founder Bernhard Haux and sign up to book a demo showcasing our key features and tools, such as the new 3D Model Viewer. Discover first-hand how SyncSketch is enabling AAA game studios to propel their creative projects forward.

Planning to be at GDC? Drop by the Unity Pro Art booth to learn more about SyncSketch. Sign up here to book a demo with our team and discover how key features and tools, such as the new 3D Model Viewer can supercharge your workflow.