Review 3D models natively in SyncSketch

Enabling our users to provide accurate and comprehensive feedback is at the core of what SyncSketch is all about. Over the past few months, we’ve been beta-testing a heavily requested new feature that will take your review sessions to the next dimension – introducing the 3D Model Viewer in SyncSketch.

With the 3D Model Viewer, you can now review static or animated 3D assets directly within SyncSketch including shading, textures & UV maps.

You asked and we listened 

We know that for many of our users across a variety of industries, from architecture to advertising, and particularly visual effects, game development, and art outsourcing, having the ability to view and critique any model, environment, or other 3D assets in a complete 360-degree review session is a game-changer.

“Having the 3D Model Viewer tool was key for our workflow. There were no other platforms that I came across in my search for a solution that allowed us to review and communicate about models in this way.”

John Che, Senior Outsource Manager at Machine Zone

Sharing your asset is easy

Our 3D Model Viewer automatically converts your asset into WebGL or gITF in the browser for immediate review in your SyncSketch workspace. Sharing your review session is as simple as ever; invite your reviewers or share a link. 

Once your asset is uploaded, you can adjust the scene for best presentation, set a background, override the materials, or choose to view the wireframes of your asset so you can receive critique at the exact angle, or perspective, you think is most useful. The state of the 3D Viewer is saved just as you left it along with each annotation.

Iterate less with intuitive tools 

Forget intermediate renders, toss aside playblasts, and get feedback instantly. The tools for reviewing your 3D models will already feel familiar to SyncSketch users. Reviewers can adjust the camera view, zoom in, and add notes, annotations or use the ‘tracepaper’ function. Each note or annotation saves the view it was set to and is easy to refer to in a list. Just like 2D animations, 3D animation sequences can be reviewed frame-by-frame, and annotations can be added so that your drawovers and annotations can be animated in the sequence too.

“SyncSketch’s 3D Viewer has been a game-changer in how we review animations at Maxis. It has provided the necessary flexibility of exploring and navigating an entire 3D scene, with the added benefit of capturing notes and feedback, all in one intuitive and easy-to-use package. SyncSketch has been open to feedback, is always refining their tools and sharing their improvements with us, making them a great group to work with.”

Nawwaf Barakat, Senior Animation Director at MAXIS

But hey, don’t take our word for it, why not play around with it yourself?

The 3D Model Viewer is already available on our Teams and Enterprise accounts. For more information, documentation and expert tips, visit our support site. Alternatively, sign up for our Team plan and get started with the 3D Model Viewer today.

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