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SyncSketch’s Bernhard Haux in a webinar with Framestore

Co-founder of SyncSketch, Bernhard Haux, recently joined Framestore London for an insightful webinar, presenting SyncSketch and how it helps facilitate collaboration for teams working with animation and CG.

syncsketch acm siggraph competition london

SyncSketch and SIGGRAPH “Escape From Earth” Competition

In place of the normal SIGGRAPH exhibition, SIGGRAPH London, in partnership with SyncSketch, has launched a unique animation competition with big prizes up for grabs – including SyncSketch credit!

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Blog: Giving and Taking Critique for Great Creative Work

In this guest blog, Andrew Schlussel, Director of Talent Development at Framestore, discusses how to give and take constructive critique to facilitate great creative work.

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User Story: Agora.Studio

Working from home isn’t a new concept, and there have been successful companies operating with a remote workforce for many years. One such company is VFX and animation house, Agora.Studio.

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User Story: Reel FX – SCOOB!

We spoke with industry-veteran Bill Haller, Animation Supervisor at Reel FX, about SCOOB!, remote working, and how SyncSketch has helped streamline the studio’s review process.

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Blog: How to Become a Professional Animator

Companies set a high bar for animators and it seems to keep going up. This blog explores the artistic, technical, and life skills you’ll need to foster to be successful at becoming an animator.

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User Story: Nichtlustig

NichtLustig ('NotFunny') has been appearing since 2000, but Joscha dived head-first into the world of animation only three years ago and used SyncSketch to help with team communication.

syncsketch case study ithinkasia

User Story: iThinkAsia

South East Asia is the unlikely hub of a blossoming animation industry, thanks to the inspiring work of iThinkAsia, an animation studio based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Video: An Introduction to SyncSketch

Looking to get started with SyncSketch? This video goes through all of the amazing features and gives you a quick run-through of all the amazing things you can on our online platform.

Video: The SyncSketch Story

It's been fun watching SyncSketch grow into a full media collaboration tool for (online) schools, studios and creatives. This is a little story about how we started this whole journey.

CTNX 2017 Recap

A quick recap of CTNX 2017. We want to tank everyone for stopping by and taking a moment to check in with us! Let's be in touch to continue the conversation!

CTNX 2016 Recap

A quick recap of our time at CTNX 2016. A big thanks to all of you who took a moment to stop by - let's stay in touch: We look forward to working with you in the future!