SyncSketch co-founder, Bernhard Haux, recently joined Terry Ibele on the Animation Industry Podcast – a weekly show featuring interviews from today’s leaders in animation.

The episode featured Haux and Ibele enjoying a discussion about a wide variety of topics, including the state of the animation industry as a whole and Bernhard’s background in animation, ranging from his education in Germany to his almost decade long stint as a character TD for Pixar. The pair also take a deep dive into SyncSketch and what it was that drove Bernhard towards the idea of creating a synchronous media review tool, plus their plans for the future.

Read a short excerpt of what you can expect from the episode below:

At this time I was working in the States with Pixar, but I was still teaching animation students in France. The trouble that I had was that the students there tried to send me their shots and QuickTimes via emails, etc. I tried to open them up and have a desktop screen session with Skype, but back then those sessions weren’t as good as they are today – you would see every third second and there wouldn’t be a way to draw over stuff – and I thought that this is just really difficult to exchange feedback. I used to load their work into after effects and share my screen where I could draw over frames, but then there would be confusion about which frame they wanted to discuss and they had no control; it was just a really terrible experience, teaching that way.

One day I was playing volleyball with my friend and SyncSketch co-founder, Phil Floetotto, who is the creator of Traction – Pixar’s production tracking tool – and so I told him how much of a pain it was to review remotely: “I wish there was a way to synchronize media files and then, instead of synchronizing the image data, just synchronizing the metadata of what you’re doing to the file – scrubbing, drawing over and just doing that.” And he said, “That sounds like a fun project”. And here we are!

About the Animation Industry Podcast

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