When Phil and I started building our first prototype of SyncSketch, a creative communication tool built out of a need and the passion for creating great art, we could not have imagined how transformative it would become. It truly took on a life of its own. Quickly gaining global adoption, SyncSketch has helped hundreds of thousands of users collaborate on the most stunning projects, allowing creators to exchange more than 28 million visual notes, to date.

Today, we’re delighted to share with you that on November 30th, we entered into an exciting next chapter in our journey: SyncSketch joined the Unity family!

What this means for you

SyncSketch will stay true to our original passion: to empower you to create the best work you can. We are committed to delivering the same great product and customer service as before, and more. Joining forces with Unity will allow us to accelerate our development, and fundamentally shape and simplify how we will all collaborate on creative projects in the future. By combining our technology and talent, we’ll be able to accomplish this bold vision.

We’ll be sure to keep you closely updated on SyncSketch’s roadmap and the evolution of our services in the coming months. But rest assured, right now, nothing changes for you. 

Thank you for supporting us from the start. We look forward to continuing this journey with you!

Got questions? Not a problem.

Here are the Top 5 FAQ’s we’re being asked by our customers:

Why did Unity acquire SyncSketch?
SyncSketch creates crucial collaboration tools that allow teams to seamlessly communicate, give feedback, and contribute to creative projects in real-time. With this acquisition, Unity is doubling down on productivity tools for creatives using Unity, allowing more teams to pursue hybrid and distributed work models without losing any productivity or missing out on important collaborative tasks.

What is Unity’s long term plan for SyncSketch?
At the moment, nothing changes for SyncSketch or Unity customers. Long term benefits include a deeper integration within the Unity ecosystem and better workflows for creators

How will SyncSketch be integrated into the Editor/ecosystem?
SyncSketch has a Unity extension that allows taking and uploading screenshots and recordings directly to SyncSketch. We have plans to integrate much tighter into the Unity Ecosystem in the future.

Does the Unity acquisition mean SyncSketch will no longer support other Game Engines, such as Unreal Engine?
No. We will continue to be platform-agnostic and support other tools as much as before. SyncSketch will be where you want to work.

I have a question for SyncSketch. How can I get it answered?
Great! We love answering our customers’ questions. Don’t be shy, simply reach out to the SyncSketch team via support@syncsketch.com.