Take your drawovers to the next level with SyncSketch Enterprise

It’s time to go beyond red circles and laser pointers and move into the future.

Get to grips with our powerful brush engine, celebrated in our recent case study by Chad Colby, Head of Animation at BUCK.

Hone in on the details

Our high-fidelity brushes enable you to give granular feedback through a browser window and get right into the nitty-gritty details with a host of sophisticated drawing tools. Since SyncSketch’s brushes and markup tools are built by artists for artists, you can trust that they are versatile with different weights and colors, and intuitive to use.

“I am always super happy with the fidelity of the brushes and markup tools. A lot of other tools make aggregate strokes of where you paint things, which is frustrating if you are trying to be super-specific. For example, when we need to create specific arm poses or something I can throw it over to my iPad and draw them accurately in SyncSketch.”

– Jon Gorman, Creative Director at BUCK

Frame-accurate feedback

Provide detailed and accurate feedback to your media from anywhere in the world. 

Our engine allows drawovers and annotations to be added to both 2D and 3D animation sequences frame-by-frame, and the ‘tracepaper’ function ensures that each note and annotation saves the view it was set to and can be referred to later in a list.

“We cannot recommend it enough for studios that are struggling to keep track of their reviews since moving to remote working. The brushes and other features are all made with artists in mind so it’s so simple to pick up and implement studio-wide.”

– Michael Tucker, Producer at Double Fine

Customize your brushes

Thanks to the innate flexibility the engine offers, you can make the tool work for you and integrate it with ease into any pre-existing pipeline. With custom settings for size, opacity, and texture, amongst other properties, our tools give you the chance to add incredibly detailed frame-accurate feedback to your media.

Upgrade to the SyncSketch Enterprise plan today to gain access to our bespoke high-fidelity brushes built in collaboration with industry veteran and animation pro, Glen Keane. For more information, simply sign up to get started. For documentation and tips visit our support site

Discover how BUCK and creative teams at Netflix are leveraging our brush engine to empower their artists to propel their ideas forward.